Digital pneumatic industrial guillotine cnc automatic motor insulation ideal paper cutter cutting machine germany price for sale

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Paper Cutting Machine
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Paper Cutter
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Automatic guillotine cnc program control paper cutting machine
Industrial Paper Cutting Machine
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A4/A3 Paper Copy Paper
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Program control
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Continuous Paper Processing Machine
One Year
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Engineers available to service machinery overseas
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Supply Ability:
1000 Set/Sets per Month
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Standard export wooden packaging, Packing size:1400*1100*1480mm, GW:520kgs,Digital pneumatic industrial guillotine cnc automatic motor insulation ideal paper cutter cutting machine germany price for sale

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6700H Hydraulic Programble paper cutter

 product manual

1. Import the main motor to provide a strong impetus to import hydraulic valve parts to ensure quality

2. Cutting more easily, suitable for thick paper cutting

3. External fine-tuning, convenient and quick

4. Program optimization level, pressure paper, paper cutting time, push the paper size calibration point can be set, a number of self-test function, fault code display, counting function, can be set to 99 groups 7 knife program

5. Guarantee to push the paper accuracy, the use of more stable

6. The former infrared security protection design, the rear shield design, accord with CE standard, the operation is safer

7. Infrared laser pointer line, clear and clear

8. Cutting size: 670 × 670 × 80mm

9. Push the paper: program-controlled

10. Display: LCD




 Max.cutting width


 Max.cutting thickness




 Clamp paper


 Push paper

 Program control









 Packing size


 Pressed paper way



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A paper cutter (also referred to as paper trimmer, paper guillotine or simply a guillotine) is a tool often found in offices and classrooms, designed to cut a large set of paper at once with a straight edge.

Paper cutters, similar to those of today, were patented in 1844 and 1852 by Guillaume Massiquot. They have been around since the late 1830s, when, in 1837, Thirault built a model with a fixed blade to a flat surface. Since the middle of the 19th century considerable improvements have been made by Fomm and Krause of Germany, Furnival in England, and Oswego and Seybold in the United States.

Paper cutters vary in size, usually from about 30 centimetres (1 ft) in length on each side for office work to 841 millimetres (33.1 in) (an edge of A1 paper) in design workshops. The surface will usually have a grid either painted or inscribed on it, Automatic digital industrial guillotine a4 a3 electric cnc program control paper cutting machine price,often in half-inch increments, and may have a ruler across the top. At the very least, it must have a flat edge against which the user may line up the paper at right-angles before passing it under the blade. It is usually relatively heavy, so that it will remain steady while in use.

On the right-hand edge is a long, curved steel blade, often referred to as a knife, attached to the base at one corner. Larger versions have a strong compression coil spring as part of the attachment mechanism that pulls the knife against the stationary edge as the knife is drawn down to cut the paper. The other end of the knife unit is a handle. The stationary right edge of the base is also steel, Automatic digital industrial guillotine a4 a3 electric cnc program control paper cutting machine price,with an exposed, finely-ground edge. When the knife is pulled down to cut paper, the action
resembles that of a pair of scissors, only instead of two knives moving against each other, one is stationary. The combination of a blade mounted to a steady base produces clean and straight cuts, the likes of which would have otherwise required a ruler and razor blade to achieve on a single page. Paper cutters are also used for cutting thin sheet metal, cardboard, and plastic. The blade on a paper cutter is made of steel which makes it almost impossible to break.

A variant design uses a wheel-shaped blade mounted on a sliding shuttle attached to a rail. This type of paper cutter is known as a rotary paper cutter. Advantages of this design include being able to make wavy cuts, perforations or just score the paper without cutting, with the use of various circular blades. It is also almost impossible for the user to cut him/herself, except while changing the blade. This makes it safer for home use. Higher-end versions of rotary paper cutters are used for
precision paper cutting and are popular for cutting down photographs.

An even simpler design uses double-edged blades which do not rotate, but cut like a penknife.[clarification needed] While cheaper, this design is not preferable for serious work due to its tendency to tear paper, and poor performance with thick media.

Most paper cutters come equipped with a finger guard to prevent users from accidentally cutting themselves or severing a digit while using the apparatus. However, injuries are still possible if the device is not used with proper care or attention.

Industrial paper cutters

In the modern paper industry, larger machines are used to cut large stacks of paper, cardboard, or similar material. Automatic digital industrial guillotine a4 a3 electric cnc program control paper cutting machine price,Such machines operate in a manner similar to a guillotine; the blade moves straight up and down, with no rotation around a fulcrum like smaller hand-operated paper cutters.

Paper cutting machine is a traditional product, is used to deal with the late printing of paper cutting needs. From the mechanical cutter to the tape control type paper cutter, but also to the computer program-controlled, color display, full-image operation guide visual processing and computer-aided cutting external programming and editing production data cutting system, the production preparation time Shorter, higher precision cutting, lower labor intensity, and more secure operation.

Cutter operation is relatively simple, the requirements of the environment is not high. Usually in the general office to ensure power supply to work with power.
General Cutter with automatic switching system, as long as the input of the enemy in the paper, cutter will automatically rotate the paper chopped. Some paper cutter also need to press the start button, the cutter will rotate, can continue to cut. When the shredding is complete, press the stop / reverse key to stop the cutter.
Shredding should be preceded by a check to break the file on whether there are paper clips, staples and other hard objects. If so, remove it and put it into the paper slot, otherwise it may damage the tool. When using the cutter, you should pay attention not to plug too much paper, especially good quality paper, use should pay attention to, in order to avoid the phenomenon of paper jamming into the paper as far as possible not to put skew, the narrower Keep the paper as far as possible in the center of the paper feed slot.
For early products, the use of jamming in the event of a failure, press the back button or stop button, so that the broken can continue to use. Cutter mostly equipped with overload protection device, when the motor overload heating, it will automatically shut down. Automatic digital industrial guillotine a4 a3 electric cnc program control paper cutting machine price,At this time should be stopped using 20 to 30min, the motor cooling.
At the same time, re-use should be considered appropriate to reduce the number of input paper. More advanced paper cutter once the overload will automatically stop, automatically back out of paper, the use of more convenient. When the cutter box is full, some machines will automatically sound to remind people to remove scraps of paper in a timely manner.

Paper cutting machine from the life of paper cutter and industrial paper cutter, a wide range of varying degrees of automation.
Domestic use
Tissue paper cutting machine with toilet paper cutter, napkin paper cutter, drawing paper cutter, box paper cutter, paper cutter, paper towel paper cutter, tissue paper cutter and other cutting machinery composition . According to the different paper products, the corresponding paper cutting machine is not the same.
Tissue paper cutter more is the band saw, which is used to cut toilet paper roll paper band saw cutter. Band saw cutter equipped with automatic sharpening, movable platen device, according to the required length, width cut into the required roll paper products.
Industrial applications
Industrial Cutter has a manual cutter, electric Cutter, CNC Cutter, etc., mainly used for industrial paper or other products, cutting.

Thick layer of paper cutter, it was called from the manual way to drive cutter, from the placement position called the desktop cutter and so on. This paper cutter is mainly suitable for a small amount of paper binding before the paper neatly. This paper cutter is widely used in office or financial, as well as studio and digital printing shops.
Thick layer paper cutter features:
1) cut the largest format is generally 430mm or so
2) small, convenient to use does not take up too much space
3) cutting the cutting accuracy of the request is not high
4) cheap, affordable.



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