Economical single head multifunction mini embroidery machines

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Embroidery Area:
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Overall Dimensions:
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Guangdong, China
Brand Name:
Cap Embroidery Machine
Head Number:
Single Head
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CE Certificate
After-sales Service Provided:
Engineers available to service machinery overseas
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
1000 Set/Sets per Month
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Packaging Details
Standard export wooden case or as customer requested,Packing size:840*840*930mm,weight:170kg,Economical single head multifunction mini embroidery machines
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Shipped in 7 days after payment

Product Description
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Product Name

Single head Computer Embroidery machine


Single head


12 needles (Optional 15 needles)

Embroidery  Area

Standard: 360*510mm(Optional Big Area: 360*1200mm)

Embroidery Purpose

Suitable for Cap, T-shirt, Finished Garments, Shoes, Socks, Pocket and Cloth embroidery


20,000,000 Stitches matched with 200 patterns

Max. Color Change

Auto start and color change, 200 times color change setted

Readable Data

Compatible with designs of Tajima(DST), Barudan(DSB) and etc.

Design Input

By U disk, USB and Transmission from PC to Control System

Multi Languages

12 languages:Chinese,English,French,Russian,Dutch,Spanish,Portuguese,Turkish,German,Arabic,Thai, Vietnamese

Full sets of Accessorie

2 round embroidered frame-90 per head 2 round embroidered frame-120 per head 2 round embroidered frame-150 per head   2 round embroidered frame-200 per head 2 round embroidered frame-290*290 per head   1 piece of flat embroidery frame 2 pieces of cap rings per head   1 set of cap drive

Optional Devices

Simple Sequin device, Simple Cording device, Eight in one device, Boring device, Simple Taping device, laser position device


Main Motor: Servo Motor XY Motor: Stepper Motor

X , Y Driving

Reinforced high speed linear guide rail

Computer System

7" "TOPWISDOM" LCD touch screen

Main Parts

Japanese Rotary Hook, Groz-Beckert Needles, Italy Brand Belt

Embroidery Speed

Single head high speed: 1200RPM

Embroidery Trimming

Automatic trimming

Protection Device

Emergency Stop, Prevent Accidents. Avoid hitting and etc. intelligent inflect mistake system


12 Months for whole machine,24 months' free upgrade for control system,lifetime maintaining,2-3 days' training for customers/operators

After-sale service

Engineers available serve overseas


Standard Vacuum wooden case or as customer requested


Net weight: 150KG       Gross Weight: 170KG


Overall Dimension: 745*870*840mm Package Size: 840*840*930mm

Main Features:

1.7 inch LCD touch screen with 12 languages 
2.LCD display supoorts USB and Network transmission 
3.Suitable for flat, cap and finished garment embroidery 
4.Maximum Speed:1200 RPM 
5.Memory size:20,000,000 stitches matched with 200 patterns 
6.Convenient power failure recovery embroidery function, prevent 
embroidery half-way off 7.Full screen pre-view decsaiugsne mtirasacel icganmpaebnlte 
8.Emergency Stop, Prevent accidents 
9.Auto start and color change ,200 times color change settled 
10.Perfect pattern stitch compensation, cusotmers could change the 
1s1t.iAtcuht owmiadttihc( +e/xt-0e.r3namlm) atchcreoardd inwgi ndtio ngne deedvsice 
12.Can add infrared grating protection device and laser cutting device 
13.Autimatic thread trimming and cutting

Control Panel:


7 inch LCD display touch screen with 12 languages 
Color LCD display showing real time stitching 
Start, Stop, and emergency Stop 
Function keys including Menu, Speed up and Slow down,(also Page Up and Page Down), Help, USB ,Input, Dot Key to return to 100 degrees, Parameter Settings,Clear, ESC, Enter, etc. 
Numeric keys for selection of needles 
Embroidery Status 
Manual Trimming 
On-board lettering 
Manual Color Change 
Multi languages available


Optional devices 
1. Sequin device

2. Boring device

3. Simple Coiling

4. Simple Cording

5.  8 in 1 device (for shirt pockets, socks, cap backs, bags, shirt sleeves, collar tips, gloves, cuffs of sleeves, ribbons, CD cases,)


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Embroidery Category


Commonly known as "embroidery", is already processed fabric, needle wire, in accordance with the design requirements puncture, the needle through the tissue into a craft embroider various patterns and colors.Economical single head multifunction mini embroidery machines


Colorized embroidery

It refers to a variety of colored embroidery thread embroidery art control patterns, embroidery with a flat face clothes, needle rich, fine stitching, bright features in more than a costume jewelry applications. Caixiu color change is also very rich, it lines were written, through a variety of overlapping color embroider, juxtaposed, staggered produce China and impressive color effects. Particularly in the trocar needle to show a pattern of subtle color changes in the most distinctive color shades blend with renderings of traditional Chinese painting.


Package Terrier embroidery

The main features is to use thicker backing or cotton bottom line, so that uplift pattern, then use the embroidery thread embroidery did not, generally flat embroidery needle use. Beautiful elegant package Terrier embroidery patterns, rich three-dimensional, highly decorated, also known as high-embroidery, embroidery in claimed in raised embroidery. Package Terrier embroidery embroidered block surface suitable for smaller flower petal pattern and narrow, such as chrysanthemum, plum, etc., usually embroidered with color lines.Economical single head multifunction mini embroidery machines


Cutwork embroidery

Also known as hollow embroidery, there is a certain difficulty, the effect is very chic embroidery. Its biggest feature is in the sewing process, according to the hole pattern trimmed and cut holes in a variety of different ways embroidery pattern combinations, so that the surface of both free and easy and generous embroidery field flowers, there Ling beautiful floor space flower show, the actual situation contrast, interesting. Embroidery elegant, refined.Economical single head multifunction mini embroidery machines


Embroidered patch

Cutwork, also known as complement, is a clip the other embroidery fabric sewn embroidery on the dress form. Chinese embroidery The embroidery also is posted continued into this category. Its embroidery applique method is to cut the cloth according to the requirements of good design, attached to the embroidery surface, can also be cotton pad and other objects in between the fabric and the embroidery paste, so that uplift pattern and three-dimensional. After the paste is good, then all kinds of needle catcher. Simple appliqué embroidery pattern in order to block the main surface, chic and elegant.


Nail thread embroidery

Also known as disk Terrier embroidery embroidered or attached, is to all kinds of ribbon, rope nailed by a certain pattern of embroidery textiles in the clothing or a method of embroidery. There are methods commonly used nail line and dark nail nails out two, the former exposure to online stalk stitch, while the latter stems in hidden line. Simple Nail embroidered embroidery has a long history, its elegant decor, in recent years in kimono more often. Embroidered beads, also known as beaded, it is hollow beads, beads, artificial stones, beads and other materials for flash, embroidery decorated on the dress, to produce jewelry, dazzling effects, generally used in the stage performance clothing to add beauty and attractiveness of clothing, but also widely used in shoe, bags, jewelry boxes above.


Cross Stitch

Also known as cross peach, traditional folk embroidery method in widespread. Its needle method is very simple, that is, according to the fabric warp and weft orientation oblique cross stitch line of the same size arranged in a pattern of design requirements. Due to its characteristics stitch, cross-stitch patterns generally form concise, well-structured, often symmetrical layout pattern style. Figurative style patterns, subjects of natural plants. Stitch is rich in folk style.


Adorned with embroidery

Also known as sling embroidery, embroidery is a ribbon to embroider directly on fabric. Adorned with embroidery shiny soft, rich colors, patterns and eye-catching three-dimensional, is a novel and unique form of kimono decoration. Artex embroidery, embroidery is a very unique category, the embroidery is, according to the site designs, first removing a certain number of warp and weft yarns in the fabric, then use left Busi fabric surface, with embroidery line regular series around the tie knot, made out of yarn through the eye holes, combined into a variety of design patterns. Artex embroidering with the mesh surface has a unique effect, beautiful slim, Ling classes carved, highly decorative. Since the lens is formed with a certain degree of difficulty, drawn mostly embroidery patterns simple geometric lines and block surface, as a delicate embroidery in delicate embellishment in.


Stamp yarn embroidery

Also known as Na Jin, it is a traditional form of embroidery. It is on the grid yarn base material in strict accordance with the number of cells in the eye embroidery. Stamp yarn embroidery pattern is not only beautiful, but also with the lines cross, straight, oblique different arrangements for the rich change, but the space between the eye pattern must be aligned.


Towel embroidery

With different products require towels embroidery embroidery method after another. Models include towel embroidery embroidery chain embroidery towels and embroidery method, and towels flat embroidery mixer can be added in the article, to make embroidery more diversified.


Laser embroidery

With superb technology to create the first laser cutting mixing in the embroidery, as long as the data adjustment embroidery machine, embroidery machine will be the right amount of laser output. General application method for the engraving, cutting surface and cut entirely. Others are: chain embroidery (chain embroidery), taping embroidery, strand embroidery, embroidered birds and other volumes.



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